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Jeffreys Bay Wheel & Tyre is a professional tyre fitment centre situated in Jeffreys Bay’s industrial area. Contact us now to book your car for new tyres, shocks, an exhaust or brakes or read on to view all our products and services.

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Whether you’re on a tight budget or looking for high end treads, Jeffreys Bay Wheel & Tyre stocks a wide range of tyres for your car, bakkie or truck.

If your tyres are worn, you run the risk of receiving a big fine, but worse yet, you’re putting yourself and your passengers at risk, especially in wet conditions.

Bring in your vehicle if it needs new tyres and avoid a fine and prevent an unnecessary accident.

Our range of tyres include Dunlop, Falken, Sumitomo and Hankook, to name a few.

Alloy wheels

Take your cabby from shabby to sharp with a brand new set of alloy wheels and flaunt it like a boss.

Whether you’re looking for standard steel rims or snazzy polished alloy, we can arrange almost any type of wheel for your car and fit them in no time.

We fit Borbet, Black Rhino and A-Line wheels.

Shock absorbers

The last thing you want to be doing is driving around with worn out shock absorbers.

It’s not just bad for your car, it’s downright dangerous.

Come in and have your shock absorbers tested to see if they’re still safe enough to keep you and your loved ones safe on the road.

We fit primarily Gabriel, Monroe and KYB.


Brakes worn out? Perhaps you’re unsure if they’re up to the task of keeping you safe on the road.

Why not bring in your car and have us take a look?

You’ll thank us when you’re out driving and need to compensate for someone else’s negligence.

We fit Ferodo, Safeline and Ate.


Your car’s battery is a crucial component to keeping your car running.

If it conks out you’re stuck.

Don’t run the risk of getting stranded. Bring in your vehicle for a battery check and if you need a new one we’ll fit it in a dash.

We fit Sabat batteries.


Your car is a fine tuned machine. Every part has its role in keeping your drive safe and economical.

If your exhaust isn’t working correctly your car isn’t well tuned, costing you money, because you’re using more fuel than you should. And with fuel prices what they are you must save where you can.

Bring in your car or bakkie and we’ll fit you a brand new exhaust.

Or if you’re cash strapped we’ll take a look at the damage and see if we can’t fix it, rather than you having to spend money on a brand new system.

We fit Bosal and Tuffex exhausts.


Whether you want to tow your caravan all the way to the Kruger National Park, tow a trailer to your next camping destination, get your child’s horse to the next show on time or get your jet ski to water’s edge, Jeffreys Bay Wheel & Tyre has you covered with a range of solid tow bars.

We fit Tuffex and Bosal tow bars.

Wheel balancing

There are many aspects to ensuring your tyres and suspension give you the maximum lifespan.

One crucial aspect is wheel balancing. If your wheel balancing is off you’re wearing out your vehicle much faster than you should.

Bring in your car or bakkie and let’s check it on our system to ensure your wheels are perfectly balanced.

Wheel alignment

You want your tyres to last a long time.

In order for this to happen they must be perfectly aligned.

Bring in your car or bakkie and we’ll check your wheel alignment to ensure you’re not wearing them down quicker than you should.

Mag wheel repairs

Mag wheels are expensive.

Not everyone can afford to replace a mag wheel when it gets damaged.

If you’ve damaged yours, we have great news.

With our mag wheel repair service you’ll have your mag wheels back to their original condition at a fraction of the cost, saving you lots of money so you can spend it on other things.

Puncture repair

You noticed one of your wheels started deflating slowly. It’s a puncture and you need it fixed ASAP.

Don’t stress.

Simply bring your vehicle to Jeffreys Bay Wheel & Tyre and we’ll remove the offending item from your tyre and patch it up, allowing you to go on driving like nothing happened.

PLEASE NOTE: in some cases we will not plug your tyre, since it could pose a risk.

Vehicle makes

From Ford to Hyundai, we work on all makes and models, whether car or bakkie.

Bring your vehicle in for the best automotive fitment prices and service in Jeffreys Bay.

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